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Today's we're going to talk about wigs/hair extensions... as you may know I love to change my hair time to time, if you follow the blog (or just see firsts posts) I had black hair, brown hair, red hair (until now) and had It short, medium, large and now short again... 
I think that is our nature as woman the need to change to fell more confident and beautiful and our ideas change according time...  I just cutted my hair and now I want it large. hahaha
So I was searching on Wigsbuy and they have an amazing selection of hair extensions & wigs: costume wigs, natural & artifical hair extensions & wigs, kids wigs, lace wigs, celebrity wigs, etc

I never used ot bougth it but I saw some videos at Wigsbuy (when you click on a product you can see related videos!) and I decided the best one for a begginer like me is the clip on extensions! They seen easy to use and they give an AMAZING effect!
The one I think is perfect for me is this one:

The curls are like mine and the length is AMAZING!!! I want to look like her! <3
What do you think?
Have you ever used hair extensions or wigs?

Did you like it? So I invite you to see more here:

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  1. Eu nunca usei, mas acho incrível!
    O cabelo fica mais volumoso, tem um ar que não sei explicar e muito gente ama.

  2. Yeah, I've tried hair extensions before and that clip on extensions look natural!

    Jessica |

  3. such a nice review
    new post:

  4. Love the hair of this girl in the picture. xx

  5. Great post! Love the hair of this girl!

  6. This is great! my hair is long, i love it, your will get very beautiful! ;)


  7. I've never used extensions before, but these look pretty good!

  8. I've always wanted crazy curly hair! might try this out! :)
    check out my simple & scary halloween make up at
    lots of love. Xoxo


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