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Oh my!!
We are alredy in October, the month of my second favorite party ever!!! HALLOWEEN!!! (the first party I love is my b-day, off course! :P)
I'm so excited!! I was searching for a costume and stopped buy Tidebuy and they have an amazing selection of Tidebuy halloween costumes where you can find clubwear dresses, Tidebuy sexy costumes (corset & buster or sexy lingeries), wigs, etc
Here are my favorites:
Tidebuy Cleopatra! I really loved this costume! Is an amazing dress and the hair acessorie is amazing! This costume is $151.99 and with it you will rule the party!
Tidebuy Vampire one of my great addictions! This costume is so chic & perfect! I really want it! And on sale it's only $67.99
Tidebuy classic princess! I felt in love with this one because it remind me of Merida, from Brave! My favorite princess ever! :P When  I was a kid I never get why all the princess have straigth hair! Now we have Merida everything is perfect! <3 And this one is just for $57.29.
Tidebuy gipsy! This one remind me of another Disney character! Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame ! I used to see a lot of times this cartoon! And the price is perfect: $35.99.

And my last 2 favorites are really special, halloween for me is all about The Nightmare Before Christma, the characthers, music, spirtit! EVERYTHING! So I choose these two undead costumes:
Tidebuy skeleton! Like Jack! Really love all the hair accessorie! Its really cute! And the price is amazing: $33.79.
Tidebuy Immortal Queen! I really love the tiny hats on halloween costumes! They are perfect! I love this costume
 the assimetric dress & the hat are amazing! This one costs $142.39 !

And now? Have you choosed your halloween costume yet?
The best part of Tidebuy is that the delivery is really fast so we are really in time to buy it and arrive and to rock your tidebuy halloween costume!

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