10 Dollar Mall - Sport Bra Review

I received a little time ago a sport bra that 10DollarMall sent to me and I really liked it!
The web store from 10DollarMall you can find a lot of clothes and shoes all for just $10 dollars!!
I searched a lot and I decided to buy a sport bra because I'm trying to be healthy and do exercise! And I think that new clothes to look good is a great way to encourage ourselves!

This is the one I choosed... I din't have problems with the size, I ordered as my bra and it's perfect! Love that the bra have a cup this fits great! 

It arrived in 20 days... That's a great time! Faster than another shops I use to shop...
Liked it? You can find this one and more on 10DollarMall !

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  1. Super! I really enjoyed the pictures, looks great!


  2. Great!

    This beautiful, charming color me.


  3. So cute!! love that colour!! I didn´t know that website, I must check it out!!
    xx, Natali

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  4. Nice hunt!!!

    Please check my blog if you have a little time :) www.fiftypairsofshoes.com


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