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Last week we talked about party dresses and all of them are short...so this week we will talk about long dresses (that I'm in love with maxis since a while)... 
They are not just for bridesmaid, but if you will be one (and you can choose the model) or if you are a bride searching for the perfect dress you are on the right place!
 Weddingbasa is a great online store, with 5 years experience of making and selling great fashion dresses for all occasions: prom, evening dresses, cocktail, homecoming and plus size dresses. With great style, quality & prices, I'm really sure that you will find the perfect dress for your (or for your bridesmaids). Another amazing thing about the store, is that you can choose a model and personalize it: choose the fabric and the color!! Below the models you can see the chart of color and fabric available. <3

After look a lot of dresses, I bring to you my favorites! 
I made my list of the top 5:
 This dress is amazing! I love that is one shoulder! It reminds me a lot my "prom" dress!!! (we, in Brazil, actually don't have a prom they way they have in USA, but we have a party also) 
It has a great detail on the back that the sleeve have an embroidery. Love it!

 I confess this on I choose based on the color!!! Isn't an amazing blue? I really love this color!
The ''V'' neck with the fabric crossing around the body will make you like a Greek diva!
This kind of dresses always reminds me of the gods.

 Winsome Empire Waist Strapless Neckline Slim A-line Long Skirt Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
This one is a classic! A strapless dress with pronounced waist! 
This is a great fit! And really looks more feminine! It's perfect for those who like to go classic and simple, but stunning!

Decent Long Sweetheart Neckline Chiffon Ruffles Layered With Black Ribbon Bridesmaid Dress
 Another strapless, what I love about this style is the ribbon in contrast!
The layered skirt make it look like a princess! I totally would wear it!
I like this color but I imagine this dress in pastels! I think it will look amazing!

Fabulous Strapless Neckline Fuchsia Long Mermaid Ruched With Black Belt Bridesmaid Dress
 The last one is my favorite!!! It have an structural neckline, contrast ribbon and a mermaid skirt!
Its modern and feminine! I love this color in especial! It's really really barbie! Hahaha 
But I think that is perfect!

Hope you liked it! If you need Long Bridesmaid Dresses, you now where to go!
Have fun and find your perfect dress!

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  1. Todos los vestidos son una belleza.


  2. I love long dresses, too =) The second one is soo pretty =)

    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

  3. Great selection, I love grey dress :)


  4. gorgeous dresses!

  5. Oh, I love long braids maid dresses! Those are so pretty!
    I truly hope this day is as beautiful as you are, my dear friend!
    Sending you much love & have a great weekend!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. Que bonitos todos, son preciosos.

  7. Oh wow how lovely.I would be so honoured if I were to wear the fourth one especially.Lovely silhouette

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous - loving all the dresses, so pretty! :)

    Layla xx


  9. Hola amiga, como siempre gran post, saludos, yo soy de Ecuador, que lindo que vivas acá.

  10. Beautiful dress

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  11. so beautiful Dresses :)



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