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Let's talk about wedding dresses, lately I have a lot of near people getting married, for me is kind strange, it let us know that we are grown ups now and maybe someday I will get married too. (At least I hope hahaha) .
We all know that the wedding is an special date for every girl (or guy, why not?) and we all have our own fantasy about how everything will be, where it will be and the dress, oh the dress, that we want to impress and have amazing pics of this special day.
Today's post is a colaboration with Millybridal, a webstore specialized on dresses, and I made a list of my favorite wedding dresses:
I'm not a fan of cake dresses, so this is my first choice, something between a bride and a greek godess. Love it!

 Following the same line, this one is really sweet. Love the flowers details on the waist line and this neckline is my favorite always.

This one stole my heart when I saw this back! Isn't is amazing? Since I have my back tattoo I love to wear backless to show it off, If I get married someday I won't be different!

This one is gorgeous because have lace & transparency. I love this details on dresses, it make it more feminine and show without showing. I love this game!

 This one is my favorite! I love to run away from the convention and this one is perfect for it! It's chic, fashion and unique! I love this one!
I would love to wear one like these on my special day! What do you think about breaking the tradition and make it more special?

You can find this and more dresses at Wedding Dresses UK!
Hope you like it!

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  1. great post
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  2. Cool look :) I love it ;)

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  3. Great selection!
    Have a nice day,

  4. Wow, these dresses are stunning. My favorite is the first one. I love the embellishments around the waist.

  5. I love 1st dress, it's so special! <3

  6. So lovely *-*

    Ana ♥ ( Autumn OOTD )

  7. Lindos adorei todos amiga

  8. Such pretty dresses!
    Fridays Fashions link up


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