Great Dresses under 50! feat. Promtimes

Today we will talk abou dresses to party under 50 from!
They have amazing dresses for all ocasions formal dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses and more! And the best thing about them is that you can choose any model and change the color to your favorite one! Every style have an amazing color chart!
So I made my favorite list! I'll tell you in each dress why I pick it :) 
Hope you like it:
Let's start with the short ones! This one is a classic: strapless, contrast waist line. Really girly and perfect to party, the A line skirt will give you moviment at the dancefloor.

This one caugth my attention because of the structured detail at the neckline! This is so cool! Make it look modern and the detail at the waistline make your body look amazing!

Then we go to the large dresses! As I am in a maxi love lately these one are my favorites!
I love royal blue! The transparency detail at the top is amazing! Will make you look like a fairy <3

This one is amazing! I love one shoulder dresses, they are so sexy! Love that it leave the back open (as I told you before: backless dresses are my favorites because I love to show my back tattoo <3), ans this color is just breath taking.

The last one a classic combination: black & white. A classic is always better when you have doubt in what to wear. This one have an embrodery detail at the one shoulder sleeve that make it more ellegant <3

 You can find this and more here!
Hope you have enjoyed this post!

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  1. Hey sweetie!
    I just found your blog and I really love! So good content!
    I moved in Germany a couple months ago and I live in the prom spirit now and
    it is really cool!
    Hope you will visit my blog & we can follow each other:)


  2. They've got beautiful dresses!

  3. Isso é elegancia.. o resto é tapete vermelho pra elegancia desfilar! Rsrs.
    Saudades das suas visitas no meu cantinho... Apareça!
    Você sabe que é sempre muito bem vinda né? Bjs.


Thanks for your comment! This makes me smile and keep going on! :)