Cozy Sweater Dresses feat. Ericdress

In a collaboration with Ericdress (, today's a trend post: sweater dresses!!
We're now in september and the winter in coming (can't help my self as a GoT fan! haha), so the cozy sweater & cardigan dresses are back! But we can always make it fashion!
We can find cheap sweater dresses for this cold season, I made a list with my favorites and with some tips to make your cozy look more fashion!

This one is an amazing maxi sweater dress, it pair perfectly with a pair of converse (as you can see) or adidas! I love to wear dresses with snekaers as you know! But you can also wear it with anckle boots! You can find this one and other cheap long dresses in Ericdress!

This babe is amazinh!!! Love the ruflled sleeves! It will make a perfect pair with adidas sneakers for the day or over the knee boots, for the nigth!

This one is so sexy without showing any body part! I love the way it's paired with high heel boots! It's so perfect! But also I would weart it with a pair of converse sneakers!

This dress is so cozy that I want to go to work with it to feel like home <3 I love this neck!
Totally would pair it with sneakers!

(Click Here)
This one is so urban! Love the stripes details and the flare sleeve! Perfect combo with sneakers (again!) of course!

 You can find these sweater dresses here: , or if you prefer another styles of cheap dresses for women you can find the perfect one here:

Hope you like it!

7 comentarios

  1. Sweater dresses are my winter staple! These are really cute.

    Bella Pummarola

  2. I love sweater dresses. These are so beautiful.

  3. I love sweater dresses. These are so beautiful.

  4. Stunning pieces. ^^
    I'm back on my blog...

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Thanks for your comment! This makes me smile and keep going on! :)