Looking for the perfect Backpack with OMGNB

Today's post is an special about a big backpack hunting that I am in lately.
Why it is so difficult to find a backpack for me? Well, I need one that will be with me all day, 5 days a week! I wake up early, go to the gym, with all my stuff on my bag, then I go to work and it need to be pratical because I take te bus and walk a litlle, that is why I take a lot of time and searches (as I said: it's more like hunting) to find the perfect one!
I need a new one, urgent, but it has been really difficult to find the perfect one, until now!
In colaboration with OMGNB I bring to you my five favorite backpacks!

The Basic - this one is a basic urban style, the combination of black and white and the embrodery make it a must to a urban sport look, it is pratical and the size is perfect to carry all the things you need for a full day activity (all backpacks that I choosed have minimun 35cm of height because of it!).

The Metallic - beacuse the metallic trend is a must for this season! This one is amazing! I love the minimal and pratical design!  Perfect for a more casual look (I would love to wear it with an all denim look!).

The Pratical - I felt in love with this one because you can change the way you want it: it can be a backpack, a hand bag, a shoulder bag, etc
I love that it will fit perfectly for every day ocasion!

The Waterproof -  besides the amazing design of this backpack it is waterproof! It's perfect fot the raining season! It won't let the water close to all our stuff! It is amazing!


The Fashionista - My favorite. I love this design!!! Have a lot of pockets to have evetything in hand and the print... oh the print! Is AMAZING!!!  I love this one because it is pratical and super fashion ate the same time!

Wich one is your favorite? Do you use backpack too? Tell me!


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  1. The second one is my favorite for sure! It is super cute!!!!
    Sabrine Varolo.

  2. The second one is my pick. Love the color :)


  3. great post!
    i love the blue bag<3

  4. La dorada y la última son geniales!!
    Yo estoy buscando una mochilita pero de momento no me cuadra nada... :-(

    Besos desde www.byelenamartin.com


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