Buttoned Skirt

Jacket: Romwe / Tops: Pinto / Skirt: Etafashion / Sneakers: adidas

Holaaaaaa :)
Empezamos una nueva semana con un nuevo look :) Amo ese look!
Esa falda es una de mis favoritas ahora, la queria muchisimooooooo y por fin la encontre! Me encanta el contraste de los botones dorados! <3
Esa semana tendremos mas sopresas en el blog y en redes sociales!
Esten atent@s!!!
Los quiero! 
Hellooooo :)
Starting a new week with a new look! I love this one!
This skirt is my new favorite, I was looking for one like these for a long time and finally felt in love with this one! Love the constrast of the golden buttons!
This week will be more surprises here and on social media!
Stay tunned!
Love you!

7 comentarios

  1. Pretty! Such a lovely outfit!


  2. Amazing style! xo,Anja


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  4. Me encanta tu falda!



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Thanks for your comment! This makes me smile and keep going on! :)