Color Pants!

Nhaaai! Adoro minha calça verde! Apesar de nem sempre saber como usar...
Mas acho ela linda!!! =)

Blusa: Pernambucanas
Calça e Sandália: Renner


Thanks all the girls for the comments! I'm loving it! It make me happy to continue my blog! =)
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6 comentarios

  1. Nice look! I love your shoes! Now following. :)

  2. Great outfit! I always love and vote for all of your looks on Chicisimo! Great blog, I am now following!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words!


  3. Cute top! And I'm loving ur header

    x FashionFifth

  4. I love the top
    it is so pretty!!!

    cool blog =)
    if you get a chance, please visit me at
    and let me know what you think



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Thanks for your comment! This makes me smile and keep going on! :)