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Hi dears, my name is Remi, a Melbourne gal, a weird mix of love for fashion, beauty, nature and travelling around the Sun. Writer and lover of beautiful things! Lary has been super sweet and willing to work with me and feature some of my spring/summer ideas on her blog! I am really keen to hear your opinion and if you wish to contact me you can always send me a cheeky tweet @MayerRemi

Summertime is finally near! I’m sure that you are dying to wear lightweight dresses, intensive colors, sexy bikinis and extravagant combinations again. This year, it seems that fashion designers were following their own schedule and started working on the spring/summer collection several months before the season, which makes us really lucky. You are probably not the only one who is desperately waiting for new trends that will dictate your office-worthy or casual outfit. I have decided to choose the trends that have left the largest impression on me during the latest runaways in London, Paris and Milan, and to represent them to you. Enjoy!

Floral Freshness
Another amazing print that has drawn my attention is the floral one that will make your look special, delicate and sophisticated. Don’t be surprised if you find this print everywhere this summer, from your silk dresses, breezy beach kaftans to skirts.

Print Queen
Geometric… Leopard… Aztec… Floral… You name it, summer wants it! Go wild with prints. You can make both casual breezy outfits, and professional looks with a variety of gorgeous prints available.

Polka dots

Another amazing print that is regaining popularity is retro polka dots. It seems that we can never be too old for them. They have that adorable mixture of elegant and chic vibe that makes us fall in love with them over and over again. This year’s Dolce & Gabbana’s summer collection is filled with polka dots, especially those in fiery black and red contrast. And talking about retro, polka dot one piece swimsuits must be the most awesome retro trend.

Metallic is back!
Inspired by the fashion of the 1970s, fashionistas have decided to bring us the spirit of this period by using shiny metallic fabrics. If you aren't sure what to wear at your cocktail party, here is an amazing idea for you. The choice of such pieces is wide, from ultra-short shiny black dresses, golden leopard tops and mini dresses to head-to-toe shiny outfit, will make you feel gorgeous under the disco ball.


Lace is one of those fabrics that will never go out of fashion. It adds feminine and delicate sense to your outfit. This season, numerous fashion designers have fascinated us with their elegant and provocative summer collection that resembles sophisticated Romantic heroines. The dresses represented are made out of fine lace that delicately reveals skin, which makes your looks both chic and intriguing.

We love it and wear it all the time. This summer, it will gain an enormous popularity again. Get your favorite denim dress, trousers or jumpsuit and you’re ready for a casual walk. Although we wear jeans all the time, this season, cropped and baggy ones will look ultra-cool when combined with tight tops.

Crop Tops
If you consider yourself too old for crop tops, you are terribly wrong. They can look sophisticated and stylish when combined with other clothes. For example, sweet white lace crop top when paired with a high-waisted skirt in the same color will bring a feminine vibe to your outfit and emphasize your silhouette perfectly.

These are just some of numerous amazing summer clothing that will mark this summer. Intensive colors, print mixing and retro looks seem like a win-win combination. However, you should never follow these rules strictly. You should always put a twist on them, making your outfit unique and special. Try applying these tips and you will be amazed.


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  6. That's a lovely post! Such a great inspo! You made a great selection of pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I just love this post. Can't wait for summer to come and wear all things floral.


  8. El print queen y el metallic son mis favoritos

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  9. Thanks Lary for this opportunity! :) I'm so happy to share my inspiration... xx

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