Homecoming Dresses - Feat CocoMelody

Last week I was contacted by Cocomelody to write about their dresses, I can't help my self when it is about dresses... I have at least 20 on my closet!
CocoMelody born in the desire of the founder, Miranda, to provide dreamed dresses, quality and affordable prices to all brides (and now for us, not bride-to-Be's too!).

 This time we will see about homecoming dresses 2015 ,their collection is amazing! You can find a lot dresses for every style and occasion!
It was really hard to decide my top 4, but I did it! And I'll show you bellow:

Love this one! The embrodery on the top is really sweet, love the color: black & white! A classic!
And the stripes on the botton of the skirt are the perfect complement! <3

This one have almost the same idea of the frist one.. but it's perfect for who does not like the strapless dress! The thansparency and embordery are really feminine!

I really like transparency, this one combines the chiffon skirt, that gives us the perfect movement and freedom to dance a lot, and the top with crystals like a second skin! Love this detail <3

The last one combine lace & crystals! The color is so romantic! Love the princess shaped neckline and the detail of embrodery on the waist! To look like a princess this is the one! <3

Hope you liked it!
If you need cheap homecoming dresses under 100 you now where you need to go! Have fun and find your perfect dress!

And for it they are with a great campaing with free shipping to US/CA/MEX/AU!!!
So hurry up! It will be until september 9!

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  1. that first dress is amazing but the others are also really nice.


  2. WOW!

    Beautiful dresses!!

    Thanks for shering!


  3. Que vestidos tão queridos, adoro!


  4. Really nice ! xx


  5. Cute picks! The purple one is my favorite! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  6. Beautiful dresses <3

  7. Buena selección, unos vestidos de fiesta preciosos. Besos

  8. Gorgeous dresses!! I didn't know this shop...
    I will have to have a look :))

  9. you would never go wrong in choosing it as your dress for the prom night.long homecoming dresses uk


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