October Wish List feat. Apparel Candy

Today's a different post, I want to show you my October wish list (and all I wish now!) featuring the amazing online store Apparel Candy with my favorites!
They are an LA based web store, with amazing clothing, accessories, shoes, fragrances & make up! You can find everything you need in just one store! Isn't it amazing?!

So to start my favorites we are going to start with wholesale clothing:

This dress is amazing! I love tropical prints with dark background and this one is a perfect print! Love the fit and the way you can your as a t-shirt dress or with the waistband making it more fitted to your body! :) I would totally wear it with sneakers in the first fit and more fitted with a great pair of heels!

This maxi cami-vest is amazing! Love the transparency! As I told you before I'm in love with maxis lately so it is not strange that I felt in love with this one in first sight. <3
You can wear it with pants or shorts for a casual look, or at the beach with a bikini underneath!

This dress rocks a lot! Have almost everything I love: stripes, contrast and asymmetry!
I totally would give a touch of gold  with accessories, a leather jacket and voilá:  perfect outfit!

This skirt is amazing! Love the fit, that is almost a pencil skirt, love the asymmetric front open! It's perfect for day or night! Just style it with a sneaker, a t-shirt and a leather jacket you have a casual look to go to work. Or style it with a great pair of heels, a minimal top and a gold necklace you are ready to rock the dance floor!

Now I presented all my favorites in clothing, lets talk about wholesale jewelry:

I loved this necklace! The black is my favorite!! As you know my favorite combination always are black & gold!
About the rings these are my favorites! The black & the gold ones are a must!

If you love all these stuff as I do contact Apparel Candy and choose your favorites too!! 
Hope you liked it!

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  1. Nice stuff!


  2. Love your wishlist, Lary!!! You make me want some of these items!! Haha!! Love that white long blouse!! :)


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Thanks for your comment! This makes me smile and keep going on! :)