Backpack Fever

Now I am going to the gym I really see the importance of having an amazing backpack that will carry everything in a fashion way!
 I always loved backpacks since the school but when we grow up it become more difficult to find the perfect backpack, you need the perfect size & design!
But on I found a lot of options of backpacks for girls at every age!
Here are a list with my favorites:
The first one is this white & gold combo. I loved it! It looks so classy & fashion! It is perfect for a modern and girly look :)

This one is a kind a different! I love the metallic & black combination ! The shape is kind futurist! I would love to wear it with a total black look :)

And the last pick is a classic amazing black backpack! I love this one because it has a snake skin texture that make the classic modern and fashion in a perfect way!

You can find this one and more here!
Hope you liked it :)

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